At we cater to every hockey team's needs with our diverse range of eight league-style jerseys. We aim to make your jersey shopping as straightforward as possible, guiding you through the unique aspects of each design. Let's take a step-by-step journey through our collection.

H6400 League Jerseys

Our H6400 is a best-seller thanks to its timeless 2-color striping and budget-friendly price. Crafted with a midweight air-knit polyester fabric, this jersey is as stylish as it is light—a perfect pick for recreational and beer leagues. However, for those who demand the ultimate in durability, you might want to explore our other styles.

H6500 League Jerseys

Much like the H6400 in weight and design, the H6500 steps up the fashion game with a third color, boasting a Chicago-style striping. An excellent value-for-money jersey, this one might not be ideal for the wear-and-tear of full-contact hockey or numerous weekly games/practices.

H6600 League Jerseys

The H6600, another midweight jersey, offers a modern design reminiscent of the Ottawa Senators style NHL jerseys, with the same durability as the H6400 and H6500. If you're looking for a jersey that can withstand a heavy schedule, keep scrolling through our selection.

H7100 League Jerseys

The H7100 may not win a beauty contest, but it's a real winner in terms of quality. Made with heavyweight air-knit material, it includes side and underarm mesh inserts for extra durability and breathability. It's the perfect jersey for competitive teams looking for longevity, making it a great investment for frequent practices or men's leagues.

H7500 League Jerseys

The H7500 offers a beautiful blend of classic design and durability, satisfying many teams and leagues. Its thick striping, contrasting shoulder with piping, and heavyweight air-knit fabric make it a fan-favorite. Plus, its single-layer shoulders and elbows ensure the jersey remains lightweight.

H7400 League Jerseys

The H7400, styled after the Minnesota Wild's Stadium Series jerseys, brings a modern touch to your team's appearance without sacrificing quality. This heavyweight fabric jersey with double-reinforced shoulders and elbows is not only high-quality but also reasonably priced.

H7600 League Jerseys

For those who appreciate simplicity and quality, the H7600 is your match. Modeled after the OHL's Peterborough Pete's jerseys, this heavyweight jersey with double-reinforced shoulders and elbows boasts a sleek, two-color design, making it an excellent choice for teams seeking quality and simplicity.

H7000 League Jerseys

Get ready for the ultimate value-for-money jersey. The H7000, sporting the specs of our Los Angeles Kings style NHL jerseys, delivers all the premium features without breaking your bank. With heavyweight fabric, double-reinforced shoulders and elbows, mesh underarm inserts, and sewn-in body, sleeve, and hem striping, the H7000 combines quality, durability, and affordability.

Explore our collection today and find the perfect jerseys to make your team stand out on the ice.