How To Send Us Artwork

For best results please provide us with camera-ready art in a vector file format. Attach your art file and e-mail to artdept(@) (remove the parentheses). Make sure you include an explanation of what you want. That is do you want it printed, or embroidered, how many colors, what size, what location on the jersey, how many jerseys or pieces. This all affects the price.

You will get the best result if the file is a vector-based format. That means it is created in an illustration program like Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand or Corel Draw and the file can be properly color-separated and printed at the proper resolution. If it is in a bitmap format like TIF, JPEG, PCX, PICT, BMP which are formats generated from programs like Adobe Photoshop, PC Paintbrush, Paintshop Pro and others, we may or may not be able to use the file. The first issue is RESOLUTION. The resolution of the bitmap file must be at least 200 dpi at the final size of the art. This creates very large files which are too large to e-mail and must be sent to us on disk. If all you have is a bitmap file at a small size or a low resolution, we will have to re-create the art. The second issue is COLOR SEPARATION. If you have a multi-color logo and it is created in a bitmap file format, it cannot be separated using spot colors (e.g. red, green and purple). It can only be separated using process colors (CMYK). This means you have to print the crest using four colors, or we must convert the file into a useable form which will result in additional art charges.

We cannot use art created in a word processing program like Microsoft Word, or Corel Wordperfect. Art must be re-created.

We cannot use art created in presentation software like Microsoft Powerpoint. Art must be re-created.

WE CANNOT USE LOGOS AND ARTWORK COPIED FROM WEBSITES. The resolution is very low and cannot be enlarged. We can use it as a guide to re-create the art.

Please call us if you have any questions about file formats and whether they can be used.

BUSINESS CARDS can be used but there will be a loss of quality as a result of enlargement and will have to be cleaned up resulting in additional art charges.

FAXES and PHOTOCOPIES can be used only as a guide for us to create your art resulting in art charges.

You may supply PRINTED GARMENTS as a sample, but keep in mind the artwork will have to be completely re-created resulting in additional art charges.

Maximum SCREEN PRINT dimensions are 12" x 14".

Maximum EMBROIDERY dimensions are 15" x 9". Minimum lettering size is 1/4-inch high.