Application Methods For Decoration Of Team Apparel

Direct Screen Print

hockey crest example

We can apply a team crest to your jerseys in four methods. The first is direct screen printing. This is the most cost-effective method if you are dealing with large logos such as full front hockey crests. Your artwork, numbers and lettering are screen printed directly onto the fabric. Screen printed garments will last for years with proper care.

Screen Print Example

Sewn Tackle Twill

The second method is sewn tackle twill. This costs a little more than screen printing, but is more durable and has a professional look and feel. In this method, we create your design by sewing cut pieces of twill fabric together and stitching the finished crest to the jersey. This method lends itself to less complex designs, lettering and monogram-style crests.

Sewn Twill Sample
Sewn Twill Closeup


Custom Appliqué

The third method is appliqué. This is a combination of tackle twill and embroidery. Any crest can be created by this method regardless of the complexity. The largest areas of color are cut and sewn together from tackle twill and the details are embroidered onto the twill. This is the ultimate in quality and durability. Most professional sports teams have their cresting done in this method. The cost is higher than other methods, and there is an additional one-time charge for digitizing the artwork for our embroidery equipment.

Appliqué Sample
Appliqué Close up



Dye Sublimated Sewn-on Patch

We can also dye sublimate on a sewn twill patch for a professional look at a significantly lower cost than appliqué. The sublimated twill crest is a flat price for unlimited colors and there is no set-up charge for this method. This is the best of both worlds, a professional look at a lower cost.

Sublimated Sewn-on Patch
Sublimated Patch Close Up



Direct Dye Sublimation

The fourth method is dye sublimation. In this method the crest, lettering and numbers as well as the jersey design itself are all dyed into the fabric at the time the garment is manufactured. Dye sublimation lends itself to all types of crest designs and holds detail well. You can create jersey designs and special effects that are not possible with a traditional cut-and-sew process and embroidery. We offer dye sublimation in all sports. Use the custom sublimation link for each sport to see the available styles. We can also create custom styles of your own design.

See What is Dye Sublimation? for a detailed explanation.


Sublimation Sample
Sublimation Close up




Laser Etch and Tonal Etch

Available on Holloway products only

Laser Etching

NEW this year: Tonal Etch! This technique gives a dimensional feel to your garment by using two (light and dark) contrasting tones. Our Single Tone Etch designs provide a more subtle tonal look or background. Choose from stand-alone designs from our stock embroidery templates for Left Chest, Full-Size or even Jumbo Size.

Also consider combining our Etch technique with other techniques for a cool Multimedia look. For instance, add Laser Etch to your Appliqué for an additional $2.00! Or add a Laser Etch behind and Traditional Appliqué, Reverse Laser Appliqué or Jersey Appliqué for an additional $2.00!

Etching is made directly on the surface of the garment so certain materials and garments are better suited for Laser Etch techniques. Fabric must be 100% polyester and, because Etch effects may vary with garment color, we do not recommend this technique on Black, White or dark colors. You’ll get the best results from mid-tone colors.

To find out more about this exciting new addition to our decoration offerings, contact our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives or your Sales Representative. And check out the video clip below to see how we do it!

Reverse Laser Bridge Etching

Available on Holloway products only

Reverse Laser Bridge Etching

Want to create that vintage look? Utilize our stock designs and our NEW Jersey Appliqué process or add real dimension with our Reverse Laser Appliqué technique. With our state-of-the-art, laser bridge technology, you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, 17 great colors, multiple stitches and application techniques. For even more dimension, consider adding an Etch design behind your Laser Appliqué. Cutting-edge technology at its best.

As always, we encourage you to consult our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives about this latest specialty technique or to answer questions about any of our decoration techniques.

Check out the video clip to see how we do it!

Custom Embroidery



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