As an innovative printing method, sublimation printing is quickly becoming a favorite due to its superior quality and endless customization possibilities. But you might be wondering, what really is sublimation printing?

Allow us to unveil the process for you.

Sublimation printing is a digital printing technique that utilizes heat. Your unique design, transferred from our computer to our printers, is imprinted onto the fabric using a specialized heat-based process.

Don't confuse this with the printing performed by your typical office printer, which merely sprays ink onto the paper, dot by dot, effectively coloring only the paper's top layer. Nor is it the same as screen printing, where ink is manually applied to the fabric, screen by screen, using squeegees.

Sublimation printing takes a unique approach. The solid ink is transformed into a vapor through heat, which then permeates throughout the fabric. This means your design becomes an integral part of the fabric, ensuring a much more durable and long-lasting result than other printing methods. The image melds seamlessly with the fabric fibers, reducing the likelihood of fading or washing out over time. It's important to note that sublimation printing requires a polyester fabric. We offer an array of fabric options, from lightweight basketball jersey materials to moisture-wicking T-shirt fabrics to stretchy football uniform fabrics.

With its unique process, sublimation printing allows us to bring your ideas and images to life in a way no other printing method can.

Are you prepared to embark on creating your custom sports uniform or jersey? Don't hesitate to contact us here to kickstart your order!