At, we pride ourselves on offering the innovative sublimation printing technique for all our sports apparel. As active sports enthusiasts, we personally vouch for this printing method—it's economical, highly customizable, and retains its vibrant colors even after numerous wash cycles.

Sublimation printing employs a heat-assisted digital process that imprints your design onto the fabric, resulting in eye-catching, enduring colors that resist wearing out.

Here's why sublimation printing could be your ideal choice for sportswear and uniforms:


With our skilled in-house design team, we can bring any design or pattern you envision to life on your uniforms, often without any extra cost. We generally charge a design fee only for intricate orders, so the majority of our customers enjoy this service at no additional expense.

Whether you need a sponsor’s logo, your team name, or individual player’s names on the jerseys, consider it done. Our design experts ensure each piece looks professional and appealing.


Unlike screen printing, which requires a separate screen for each color and consequently large order quantities, sublimation printing transfers images directly from our computer to our printer and heat press machines. This flexibility allows us to manage low volume orders as well. So, if you need just five or six shirts, we've got you covered—no need to buy extras just to meet a minimum order quantity.


From exposure to sweat, grass, and mud, to enduring numerous wash cycles, sportswear goes through quite a lot. But with sublimation printing, you can rest assured that your sportswear will remain vibrant well past the season's end. This process turns the ink into a vapor that integrates deeply with the fabric, ensuring longevity.


Our sublimation-printed sportswear uses fabrics that provide comfort and practicality for sports enthusiasts. We offer a wide range of fabric types and weights, tailored to your specific needs and sport. Many of our fabrics feature sweat-wicking technology, helping you stay cool and dry during even the most intense matches.

Eager to commence your journey to custom sports uniforms or jerseys? Don't hesitate to contact us here to place your order!