Both sublimation and screen printing are solid choices for crafting your unique sports apparel, yet the question remains: which is the superior choice? The answer varies based on your specific needs and objectives!


Sublimation is a heat-powered digital printing approach where the ink transitions from a solid to a vapor state, infiltrating the fabric. The design journey begins on our computer, passing to the printer and eliminating the necessity for screens. Our printers are proficient in reproducing any color spectrum in a single operation. Following printing, we proceed to cut and sew the fabric into your bespoke uniform or jersey.

On the other hand, screen printing operates differently. Each color within your design demands its distinct custom screen, precisely as it sounds. These screens possess a fine mesh that aligns with your design, allowing ink to pass onto the fabric. The screen is placed above the fabric, secured, and a squeegee is then guided over the screen top, transferring the ink onto your clothing item. This process repeats for every color until your project reaches completion.



Sublimation printing is exclusive to polyester fabrics. Luckily, our extensive array of fabric options, from lightweight basketball jersey materials to sweat-absorbing tee shirt fabrics and flexible football uniform fabrics, ensures we've got you covered. We prioritize fabrics that are soft and cozy, facilitating day-long wear. With sublimation printing, the fabric is wholly dyed, as the ink permeates the entire fiber.

Contrastingly, screen printing accommodates nearly every fabric type. However, unlike sublimation, the ink merely rests atop the fabric, rather than saturating it.


Sublimation printing is renowned for its affordability, offering extensive customization possibilities and low order requirements. Irrespective of your chosen color quantity, there's no additional charge.

Screen printing, conversely, typically becomes costly for smaller batches due to labor and setup fees. Each additional color within your design accrues extra costs, although, screen printing does become more cost-efficient with larger quantities.


Most of our clientele lean towards sublimation as their preferred choice. It offers unlimited, vibrant colors, comfortable and resilient fabrics, and cost-effectiveness without necessitating large quantity orders.

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