Decision-making tips when ordering hockey uniforms.

Decision-making tips when ordering hockey uniforms.
This post provides tips for organizing and ordering team jerseys for a hockey team. It advises taking control and setting a budget before seeking input on color and style, as too much input can lead to chaos and delays. We suggest choosing a generic league style jersey to avoid disagreements, and recommends making a list of essential uniform features to stay within budget. Additionally, the CustomJersey advises considering the cost of customization options, such as screen print or sewn twill, and suggests opting for the higher quality printing or multi-color logos and numbers if sleeve numbers and player names are not required. We also recommend budgeting for lower cost knitted style hockey socks and allowing team members to upgrade to the more expensive pro style socks at their own expense.

Sublimated custom socks give your team a true top-to-bottom uniform

Sublimated socks give your team a true top-to-bottom uniform
Your uniform is more than your jersey. You need to look like a team from top to bottom as you go out and play like a team from whistle to whistle. From the jersey to the socks, everything should match perfectly and let everyone know who you are. It can be easy to overlook the socks when designing your team’s uniform, but adding sublimated socks to complete the look can be quick and easy.

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