Custom jerseys are not just fun, they are crucial for sportsmen. They work as identifiers as well as identity providers for the team. The team’s jersey is supposed to be its pride, and uniformity in the uniform is not a luxury, it is a necessity. So, from the jersey to the socks, everything should match perfectly. Here is a quick and easy guide on creating sublimated socks that will look identical, feel good, and work like a charm.

Designing your own socks to match the outfits

Jerseys, pants, or shorts are given their due attention, but socks are put to the side as an afterthought. That might appear to be a good idea, at times as everyone has socks, but they too have an important part of the jersey. Also, do not forget that players at times only have the time to look at the feet of the individuals before making an exchange, so socks can be the great identifiers that your team’s uniforms may be missing.

Getting a basic while sock is easy, but that will not do justice to the look. Instead, get your creative juices flowing to create a look that compliments the jersey and pulls the look together.

The extent of creativity 

The creativity you can show on a custom sublimated pair of socks is only limited by your imagination and the length of the cloth. The printing style will allow for any design of your choice. You can choose from a range of colors. You can contact for checking the availability of the colors. Or you can create your design and present it to them to ask what colors are possible and what are not.

Any pattern, style, or print you deem appropriate can be achieved with sublimation, so let your imagination takes its route with the colors available on the jersey to get a product that puts harmony in the look of each of the individuals of the team you see winning.

Material that will be used

Custom sublimated socks will be made with polyester. The process of sublimation works well with polyester, hence the decision to make the sock of the said material. The material will also have air mesh or mock mesh, depending on the sock style you choose.

One size fits all appears to be for socks but is not. Hence, we have a range of sizes to choose from. 

The socks come in several sizes and lengths. 

  • In sizes, you can find Adult 30", Adult Wide 30", Intermediate 25", Youth 21. 
  • Some of the socks come in sizes small, medium, and large.

Quality of product

With us, you can choose to buy any product/s of your choice and be assured about the quality. We understand the need for a material that will give your players the liberty to be rough without worrying about tearing of the clothes. Polyester is a man-made fabric that has been made to be durable, resistant to chemicals, shrinking, and stretching. Moreover, it does not wrinkle or face abrasion. Lastly, it is a quick-drying fabric that you can wash and dry at home.

When should you order?

Custom products take a longer time to create. Hence, it is recommended to start very early for the process. To begin with, create the design well in advance. You can then send the same to us. Once you have designed the product, we will create a mock of the product, and send it to you. Only after you have approved the product, we will make the entire batch.

Minimum order of 12 of the same design is required by us to process the request. 

The expected time for the delivery of the product is between 4 to 5 weeks. Hence, we request each of our clients to have sufficient buffer time between design submission and the matches.

Average cost

The socks are between $20 and $60 at the usual price. As we are running a discount on the socks costing close to $60 socks, you can get one pair for $39 till the discount lasts. Sublimation is a costly process, and several hours are put into work to create identical pairs of socks. All the products created by us will be of top-notch quality, and your players will feel good and relaxed while wearing these items. The cost of sublimated items also includes numbers, logos, patterns, decorations, and names. So, your intricacies will not impact the cost of the product at all.

Some recommendations

The CUSTOM SUBLIMATED HOCKEY SOCK DESIGN 1371 is a design with a fiery red base and white and yellow stripes. The color combination is marvelous, and you can add the logo on the white strip to give it a personal touch.

For girls, CUSTOM SUBLIMATED HOCKEY SOCK DESIGN 1366 will be more than just appealing. It has the luxurious gold stripe and the royal purple base. It screams class.

For the more basic look, you can try FITWELL SUBLIMATED CUSTOM HOCKEY SOCKS MOCK MESH. It is white, with one green stripe in the middle of the two blue stripes. It has a mock mesh.

All the designs can be referenced for the ultimate design. You can create the design based on the ones available or choose to create one from scratch while taking inspiration from the images here.


Socks are fun and a fashion statement. They are also one of the integral parts of any player’s uniform, and it is one place to have fun and let the team’s personality shine. So, get to designing, do not worry about the quality, and get all the players in the team to look exceptional at all times from all angles.