The duty of buying jerseys for a school team can be very demanding. Especially if you are doing it for the first time or if there is a need for an improved jerseys design. Whatever may be the case, here are a few things that you should know before you actually start shopping for the custom jerseys for the school team. Let’s dive right in.

What does custom jerseys order include?

These are the general things you need for almost all sports. Each sport and its organizing committee have guidelines for sports team jerseys' design and layout. Feel free to create a list of your own if the sports apparel that your team requires is different.

  • Upper apparel: This can include custom sweatshirts, custom t-shirts or custom tank tops. Basically, it is upper body clothing as per the standards of sports.
  • Bottom apparel: Bottoms include short shorts, tight shorts, loose, knee-length shorts and seldom track pants. Again, a clothing item to cover the legs.
  • Custom socks: In almost all sports, especially the ones on land, team members need to wear shoes, which consequently make the use of socks mandatory. There is the option of letting the team members use their socks, but if you want to improve the aesthetics then, you can choose to get custom socks as well.
  • Custom caps: In certain sports, caps are optional while other sports governing committees repudiate the use of caps completely. If the sport you play does permit the use of caps, then you have the option to buy custom caps for all the team members.
  • Warm up apparel: Warm-up becomes much easier when the players are wearing warm clothes. Jackets, custom sweatshirts, and track pants are a few examples of effective warm-up clothing. You can buy the customized warm-up apparel that matches the players' jerseys if you have the budget for it.

Designing your jersey

Either you already have a design in mind or, you are blank about it. Either way, the first order of business is to finalize the design along with color patterns for the jersey.

Here are the questions you need the answers to before you start designing your sports team jerseys.

  • Which logos will be the part of your jersey and where will they be placed?
  • Team players number and name will be placed at the back, front or on both sides?
  • What will be the size of logos and numbers?
  • What color combination will you use?
  • Will the shirt have any pattern on it except for the logos and numbers? If yes, then what will that be?

For this, take suggestions from the team members. They are the ones who will eventually have to wear the jersey. You can also work with our professionals to create the design ( And, if you wish to make it a collaborative event within your organization, you can hold a competition of sorts in the school to encourage the more artistic students to create jerseys designs and choose the best one as your sports team jersey.

Bonus tip: if you are holding a competition, set the guidelines in such a way that you can send the design directly to us for print (e.g. vector files for logos, jersey design using one of our templates).

Custom Jersey -as well as other suppliers- will send a mock-up of your design first, along with the money it will cost you buy one.

What budget do you have and what can you do about and with it?

Once you have established everything you need, the next step is setting the budget. School teams do not have unlimited funds. So, you need to know what funds are available to you at present.

If you find yourself short on cash, you will need to consider some fund-raising methods that are permissible to you. This is a tedious step that requires meticulous planning but, if you execute it well then, the payoff is worth it.

However, there is a way around it. Individual jerseys can get expensive, and that is not going to change. On the other hand, when you buy custom jerseys for a team, bulk order can help save a significant amount of cash. So, first, work with us on getting quotes from various jerseys suppliers and we'll work together to find the one who gives you maximum value for money.

Other things that you must know

There are a few factors that you need to consider while placing the order

  • Size: While placing the order, you need to mention each jersey’s size along with the number on the jersey. This will ensure that there is no mix-up in size.
  • Delivery time: This one comes down to time-management You need to know the time of delivery and make sure that it is well in advance so that, even if there is a hiccup, it does not affect you.
  • Quality and manufacturing: The breathability of the material, the quality of the fabric, the precision of design and stitching are a few indicators of the manufacturer’s work. If you find any one of these things faulty in the beginning, do not hire that company again. Our blog has more information about fabrics used in custom jersey manufacturing, cut & sewn and dye sublimation as manufacturing techniques.

Keep these pointers in mind while you shop for jerseys and you will end up with the best purchase you can get.