Soccer is arguably the most popular game, with 200 countries playing it all over the world. It is a physically taxing game with 11 players playing from each team, and two teams participating. Surely, almost everyone knows the rules. However, there are rules that players have to abide by not just in terms of play, but also the complete soccer uniform set that they wear to the ground. 
Let’s focus on the clothing articles that people have to wear during a play of football.

The importance of soccer uniform
Firstly, the question arises about the importance of soccer uniforms. Soccer is a fast-paced game that spectators watch from afar. Moreover, the people playing the game do not have the time to look at each player’s face before making important yet quick decisions of passing the balls or changing the direction of the game. An identifier that is visible needs to be available for the players and people.
The uniform also has numbers and names of the players to further specify the tide of the game with ease. Moreover, the uniforms of the two teams need to be easily distinguishable as per the rules to avoid confusion.
To put it plainly, the importance lies in the fact that they help in identifying the players and teams apart with ease from coaches’, referees’, players’ and audience’s point of view.

Elements of the uniform
There are several elements of the uniform that you cannot ignore while making the uniform. 
In broad terms, a soccer uniform should have 

  1. There is a jersey or a shirt that is worn on top. 
Note: If the player is wearing an undershirt, then the color of the undershirt should match with the jersey as per the international soccer uniform rules.
  1. Shorts for the bottom part of the body. 
  2. Stockings for covering the legs as well as the feet.
  3. Shoes for feet protection.
  4. Shin guard to reasonably protect the area.
  5. The uniform of goalkeepers needs to be distinct from the other players and the officials

Sizes for jerseys
With Custom Jersey, you can choose from a range of sizes for all genders as well as age groups.

  • In youth sizes, custom jerseys come in XS, S, M, and Large.
  • For women, we have XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL, 4XL.
  • For men, we have sizes ranging from S to 6XL.

In custom made clothing, any size over 2XL will cost $4 extra per piece. Also, the custom order has to be at least 12 uniform sets. 

It will take us anywhere between four to five weeks to complete the production process once the project has started. Also, the time of the delivery will need to be accounted for before placing the order. 

How to design the soccer uniform
There is no need for the soccer uniform sets to be plain and boring. To give each uniform a distinct characteristic that helps distinguish one from the other, these are some identifiers on the jerseys. 

  • The number on the jersey and shorts: The jersey needs to have 8 inches tall distinct number on the back and 4 inches tall in the front of the jersey. Having a number on the jersey is mandatory whereas, it is optional on the shorts.
  • Name of the player: The back of the jersey should have the name of the player above the number. The color used for printing the name should have a high contrast with the color of the jersey.
  • Trademark: Pre-approved trademarks or logos can be included in the jersey. There are space and location constraints, but they are allowed as well.
  • Colors: A complete uniform set no more than 4 colors at a time. This includes the colors on the jersey, shorts, shoes, and stockings.

The sizing conundrum
Standard sizing does not amount for much when it comes to people at large. Also, if you are getting the jerseys for a team, you will need to be careful about the measurements, because an XL jersey for a size S team player will be laid to waste. 
During the services, confirm the sizes of the team players twice (even though you know them quite well and their sizes), before providing the list. Afterward, double-check the list to ensure that there are no errors. We recommend forming the list when the team players are present to avoid any mistakes.

Other gears that you will need while playing
Apart from the clothing, there are other protective gears that players can use for extra protection.

  • Sliding shorts 
  • Mouthguards 
  • Protective cups 
  • Knee and elbow pads 
  • Padded soccer pants 
  • Soccer gloves 
  • Protective headgear

Our work ethics and requirements
At custom jerseys, you are assured to get reliable as well as affordable service that is time-bound. We will never oversell the quality of the product and time of the service. You will get exactly what you paid for.

Our recommendations
Here are some of our favorites that will leave you in awe.
Our favorites are the sublimated custom uniforms that too in fun colors.

  1. BALKAN CUSTOM SUBLIMATED SOCCER UNIFORM: The bright orange color with black letters makes for an excellent contrast for men and women.

  2. LEGEND SOCCER JERSEY: The plain jersey with a stripe on the left-hand side with a contrasting color makes it an excellent regular as well as ground uniform.

  3. CUSTOM SUBLIMATED SOCCER SHORT DESIGN 1214: The shorts with two distinct as well as contrasting colors will not work as a fashion statement, but also make the uniform fun. 

Buying jerseys for a team is a long and tedious task that needs a lot of time and energy. Our main aim with our services is to reduce the time you need to put in and get the best possible result by the end of it.