We've got a lineup of 8 unique league-style jerseys, and we're here to help you understand the nuances between them. Let's take it from the top.

H6400 League Jerseys

Our H6400 jersey is a crowd favorite, winning hearts with its timeless 2-color striping and budget-friendly price tag. Made of midweight air-knit polyester, similar to our practice jerseys, the H6400 offers a good-looking, lightweight jersey that won't break the bank. It's ideal for beer leagues and rec leagues. However, if you're in the market for maximum durability, you might want to consider our higher-end options.

H6500 League Jerseys

The H6500 shares similar weight and design characteristics with the H6400 but takes the style quotient up a notch with a third color in a classic Chicago style striping. It's a great bang-for-your-buck jersey, but it may not be the best fit for full-contact hockey or frequent games/practices every week due to its weight.

H6600 League Jerseys

The H6600 is yet another midweight jersey offering, with durability on par with the H6400 and H6500. However, it stands out with a more modern design, akin to the Ottawa Senators' style NHL jerseys. If you're after something more robust, you might want to continue reading.

H7100 League Jerseys

The H7100 might not win the beauty contest, but it packs a punch in terms of quality, stepping up from the H6400, H6500, and H6600 uniforms. It features heavyweight air-knit material for the body and sleeves, with heavyweight mesh inserts on the sides and underarms for increased durability and breathability. This jersey is a smart pick for competitive teams that require a durable jersey for regular practices or men's leagues not keen on buying new jerseys frequently.

H7500 League Jerseys

With the H7500, you get the best of both worlds - style and strength. This jersey is a blend of heavy-duty air-knit fabric, bold striping, and contrasting shoulders with piping. Its popularity extends to youth and adult teams alike, and its single-layer shoulders and elbows keep the jersey comfortably lightweight.

H7400 League Jerseys

The H7400 boasts the same heavy-duty fabric as the H7500, but steps up with double-reinforced shoulders and elbows, topped off with a modern look. This jersey, inspired by the Minnesota Wild's Stadium Series jerseys, offers premium quality in a trendy design, all at a fair price.

H7600 League Jerseys

The H7600 is another heavy-duty jersey featuring double-reinforced shoulders and elbows. It takes design cues from the OHL's Peterborough Pete's jerseys, showcasing a clean, sleek look in a two-color design. It's the go-to choice for teams seeking a blend of quality and simplicity.

H7000 League Jerseys

The H7000 is a real deal-breaker! With specs matching our Los Angeles Kings style NHL jerseys, it offers top-notch quality without hurting your wallet. This jersey boasts a heavyweight fabric, double-reinforced shoulders and elbows, mesh underarm inserts, and sewn-in body, sleeve, and hem striping. It's the ultimate trifecta of quality, durability, and affordability!