Football is an amazing sport and a major pastime for Americans. No other feeling can beat the euphoria that a football player gets while being on the team. The formidable football players have a range of gears to protect themselves. The clothes need to accommodate these gears. Hence, football uniforms are made with several aspects in mind. Here is a short guide on jerseys and some of the best recommendations that meets your needs.

Football game jerseys: (A brief introduction)

A football game uniform comprises of a jersey and a pant for each player. As for the gears that each football player has to wear, there is helmet, shoulder pads, hip pads, thigh pads, kneepads, mouthpiece, gloves, and jockstrap and cups.

You can wear some of the gears outside the jersey, but there are a few that you can only wear inside the clothes. Due to this, football jerseys are made with extra broad shoulders, and football pants are extra lose on the knees, hips and other areas.

However, if you are ordering for Halloween or cosplay, then you might have to get leather masks to be historically accurate. The point is that football uniforms went through a range of alterations from its inception till now and if the future technology allows for it, then new chances will be seen with the passage of time.

Material to choose for custom sublimated football Jerseys (Why?) 

Letting your players have a uniform that is well-ventilated yet strong enough to not tear might appear to be a distant dream for the people in the past, but it is a reality today. With significant advancements in the world of fabric, almost everything is possible but of course, there is room for improvement.

Sublimated uniforms are the best options you have when it comes to quality. Sublimated printing means that all the print colors will be infused in the uniform and you would not have that weird sticker feeling on the shirt. Moreover, this allows the logo to stay for as long as the shirt lives. The logo will not crack, peel, or any anything else. 

For the sublimation process to be successful, the option of cloth you will have is polyester. At custom jerseys, we have 100% polyester 150 denier weight Durastar pro game mesh body, two-ply Dazzle shoulders/sleeves. Moreover, other fabrics are also available.

Options available in pants 

Some of the pants options available with us are:

There are other options as well. You can choose the pant style and then the colors as per the jersey and have them custom-made and delivered to your doorstep.

Sizes you can choose from

Football is the game of the buff and we like to be inclusive in our nature. Hence, we have a range of sizes available with us. 

  • For youth, you can order anywhere between the sizes S-XL 
  • For adult, our jerseys can run from S-6XL
The promise of quality service and product


We prioritize quality of product and service at all times. There won’t be a need to fret and we will be always available on call to help you in need, and walk you through the process if need be. 

We put our clients first and understand that this process can be stressful. So, we will try our best to ensure a smooth running of operations at all times.

How much will it cost?

All our items are fairly priced. From practice jerseys available at ~$8 (without customizations to our complete football uniform sets available at $119, we have options to fit everyone's budget. The prices can vary as per the sizes (we do charge extra for any jersey over 2XL) and the other patterns you decide to add to the jerseys.

Our recommendations

For children: The chirpy children need colors in their uniforms to keep them motivated. And you can type cast or see what colors majority of the children like, but if you want a sure shot color than nothing beats blue. CUSTOM SUBLIMATED FOOTBALL JERSEY DESIGN 0905 is the perfect example of the lot. The white and sky blue colors complement each other well and the polyester makes the fabric extra sturdy. 

For men: There are several choices for men as well but one design that is fairly well thought out in terms of colors and make is the GOAL LINE CUSTOM SUBLIMATED FOOTBALL UNIFORM. The colors ensure that the uniform looks mature and also is flattering on almost all skin tones.

For women DECLEATER CUSTOM SUBLIMATED FOOTBALL UNIFORM is another recommendation that you can pick right off the shelf and have the desired logos and number on and then you are good to go. The yellow color with the green print is the right contrasts that will leave several people in owe and the opponent team will be engulfed in the light.

Uniform sets

We also provide uniform sets. Our recommendation here is CUSTOM SUBLIMATED FOOTBALL UNIFORM SET DESIGN 1242 . The contrasts are just right and the turmeric color of the jersey goes really well with the white print on top and blue pants at the bottom.

This picture only works as a reference. You can customize the jersey as per your choice of color and opt for a sublimated pant that goes well with the jersey.


Choose the best design for your team right here and glide through the process. Please do not forget to give us enough time to make the entire batch without compromising the quality. We will need four to five weeks for production plus delivery time to ensure that the product gets there on time.