Your league team needs new jerseys, but there's one big question: Should you go for blank hockey jerseys or custom ones? Well, that really depends on your teammates and how many of you can agree on a new uniform plan.

If your team can't decide on a logo, jersey personalization, or a budget for your fresh look, then blank jerseys are your best bet. They're just... blank. You can add a logo and numbers later (or not at all if your league's cool with that) and they're usually pretty affordable, with options from solid color practice jerseys to uncrested NHL jerseys and everything in between. Plus, you can buy blank jerseys in any quantity with no minimum order, and they'll get to you way faster since, well, they're blank.

If you're lucky enough to be part of a team where 12 to 18 grown-ups can actually agree on something, then custom hockey jerseys will probably be a good fit for you and the rest of the (insert funny league team name here) crew.

The cost for custom jerseys can vary a lot depending on the printing method you pick...

Screen printing, where ink goes on the jersey surface and gets baked in an oven to bond with the fabric, is usually the cheapest option. But it's also not as durable since logos, numbers, and names can flake off over time from use and washing. But hey, you get what you pay for, and if that's all your teammates are willing to chip in, that's cool. At least you'll look like a team on the ice.

Sewn tackle twill is a bit pricier than screen printing, but it lasts way longer since the logos, numbers, and names are stitched onto your jersey instead of just being ink on the fabric. You'll pay more upfront for sewn twill custom jerseys, but they'll still be in great shape long after your team splits up because a couple of guys had kids and left, and a few others vanished when it was time to pay the team fee. But we're getting off track here.

No matter which custom hockey jersey printing you end up choosing, you can make them last longer by turning them inside out when you wash them and hanging them up to dry instead of tossing them in a hot dryer. Also, don't crumple them up and toss them in your bag next to your exposed skate blades.

So, when it's time to get new threads for the team, now you know which way to go. Have fun finding jerseys for your team!