Creating custom basketball jerseys from scratch requires a significant amount of effort. This guide is going to focus on different aspects of custom basketball jerseys. Using this knowledge will help you make the best custom basketball jerseys for your team and find the best way of partnering with our team at Custom Jersey. Let’s begin.

Elements of custom basketball jerseys

In all the jerseys available in our catalog there are several elements. Some are common elements like numbers and names which are present on custom basketball jerseys, custom football jerseys, custom baseball jerseys, and more. Others are not as common. Today, the focus is on custom basketball jerseys and its various elements.

There are 5 major elements of a custom basketball uniform namely

  • jersey
  • short
  • socks
  • warm-ups and
  • shooting shirts

Features of a custom basketball jersey and placement of decorations

The organizing committee creates and implements the standard rules for the design of custom basketball jerseys. These rules may differ from committee to committee. Here is a list of standard rules for custom basketball jerseys for school tournaments.

  1. Number: Place the number in the front as well as the back.
  • Place the number in the center of the jerseys’ front. The minimum size for the number in 4 inches and it should be at least ¾ inches wide (without the border).
  • The number needs to be 6 inches high and ¾ inches wide (without the border).
Remaining criteria
  • The font for the number is plain Arabic numerals.
  • The maximum number of colors allowed in the number design is 3.
  • Ensure that the number is visible
  • Check the list of numbers you can use. Some numbers might not be available for the teams.
  • The style and color of the number in the front will remain consistent with the number at the back of the jersey.
  1. Identifying name: The identifying name is at the front and back of the jersey. Put the school’s name, its abbreviation, or team member’s name at the front and back.
  • There is permission to place the identifying name right above or below the number.
  • It can be straight or arched.
  • Even when arched, the first and last letter should be on a horizontal plane with respect to the number on the jersey.
  • It can take several lines if needed.
  • There should be at least 1-inch difference between every number and every letter.
  • In case of a tail in the design, place the name underneath the number
  • Place an abbreviation or decorative accent in the name only when the name is above the number.
  1.    Custom basketball jersey color: Basketball jerseys have several colors.
  • The horizontal plane starting from right below the neckline to the end of the shirt extending from seam to seam should be of one color.
  • You can place a locker tag at the bottom of the jersey's front. Basketball federations do not consider this to be a visible element.
  • At the back, the color of the jersey will be the same as the color in the front. From the bottom of the back panel till the end of the shirt, seam to seam, it should be one solid color.
Other criteria
  • For certain leagues, it is white for home matches and a dark colored jersey for visitors. It may vary with each federation.
  • Some manufactures may put the trademark or logo anywhere on the jersey. Sometimes is just how they work, others are willing to offer your team a discount if you decide to incorporate their logo.

  1.    The area above the neckline
Front panel
  • Restrictions do not exist in the area above the neckline. It starts close to the neckline and extends to the area above it, till each armhole, up to the shoulder seam.
  • This imaginary horizontal line can start from 1 inch below the base of the neckline
  • You can use different colors and designs in this area.
  • Place commemorative/memorial patches of not more than 4 inches in this area at the side.
Back panel
  •    This, too, does not have any color or design restrictions.
  •    The area is the same as the one in the front.

  1.    Armholes
  • Trim, piping, and accents in the area can only expand to the 1-inch maximum.
  • Here trim can only be up to 1 inch around the arms in the back.
  • Trim, piping, and accent width has no guidelines above the neckline as there are no design restrictions in that area.
  1.    Uniform side view
  • The side view is at the vertical center of the armpits.
  • Maximum 4 inches wide including the trim, piping and accent colors. Equal on both sides of the seam is mandatory.
  • No color restrictions in this area.
  • These inserts will be uniform in all the jerseys.
  • You can place commemoratives/memorials of not more than 4 inches in this area.

These are all the rules that you need to follow for creating a custom basketball jersey. Go through the organizer's rules and regulations before you dive into designing.

How much does a custom basketball jersey costs?

The cost of a jersey depends on several variables. The type of fabric, the details on the jersey, and whether you get a mesh underneath the shoulders are few factors that determine the cost of a jersey. Also, ordering in bulk or ordering for the first time through a custom jersey shop might get you a discount. For adults, jerseys will cost ~$10 at a minimum, before any decoration or incentives. Children custom basketball jerseys might cost a little less.

Lastly, we will partner with you to discuss all these alternatives in detail and help you order custom jerseys online.