Customizing a jersey to perfection on paper takes real time and effort. When that masterpiece of a design does not get a good transfer to reality, it can be heartbreaking. Custom Sublimated basketball jerseys are some of the best options when it comes to getting a custom basketball jersey. 

How are sublimated custom basketball jerseys different from other custom basketball jerseys?

The major difference between custom sublimated basketball jerseys and other custom basketball jerseys is the permanency. When the design is printed on top of the fabric, it washes off or cracks with time, but not sublimated designs, as they are fused into the fabric. 

The elements on the jerseys

There are several elements of the jersey

  1. Shirt color: The color of the shirt is part of the design. And if you are allowed to use more than one, please feel free to do so too.
  2. Shirt logo: The designer can place the logo on the front, back, or sleeve of the shirt. The logo itself can be of the school, or other institution it represents or something that the team believes.
  3. Name of the player: The name of the player is at the back of the jersey. The name on the jersey can be a certain number of letters and in a certain font. 
  4. The number assigned to the player:  The number represents the player. This is normally at the front and the back of the player’s jersey.
  5. Other details: There can be other details as well.

There are set instructions as per the organizers of the basketball events. These cover the number of colors a jersey can have, the size of the name and number on the jersey, the size of the logo, and more.

Sizes available at our store

At, you can get jerseys in all sizes. We have

  • Youth S-XL 
  • Men's S-5XL, 
  • Ladies XS-4XL 

Anything over XXL adds $4.00/size to the cost. 

What does a custom sublimated basketball jersey include?

We carry a range of combinations in the custom sublimated basketball jersey design. You can order just the top, only the bottom, or the complete set. We create both shorts and bottoms. Ordering the pair will cost less than ordering individually. 

The flat price includes all the decorations. You can choose from an unlimited number of colors, an unlimited amount of decorations, and no setup charges.

As for the cloth, you can choose from the options of moisture-wicking performance fabrics, mesh, dazzle, and knitted polyester. You can order the uniform in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes.

When to order and time constraints to adhere to

It takes 4 to 6 weeks for us to make the final delivery, so it is best to get over with this work well in advance. Create the design while there are at least 4 months in advance. Once that is done, you will need the information about what is possible and feasible and make changes as per the discussion. 

Once the final design is made and you have the final sample, you will get the product within the said time frame.

Our service

Input your design, including the colors, decoration, and trim options. You will also have to specify the lettering, numbers, logos, and more. It is only once you approve the design that we charge you for the production.

We aim at providing the best quality products to our clients at an extremely competitive price. For us, client satisfaction is of utmost importance, and hence, we will be available to answer all your queries during the process and take care of any request you have for us.

Product recommendations

There are several options to choose from when it comes to CUSTOM SUBLIMATED BASKETBALL JERSEY DESIGN 

The pink SUBLIMATED LONG SLEEVE BASKETBALL WARM UP SET DESIGN 1204 is not only appealing for the women but will also help with getting more agile before the match.

The CUSTOM SUBLIMATED BASKETBALL JERSEY DESIGN 100-3  is one the sleeveless tank tops and  one of the specialties that are easy to wear, great for the hot weather, and allow the players’ freer movement of the arms.

For youths, SUBLIMATED LONG SLEEVE BASKETBALL SHOOTING SHIRT DESIGN 1307 is an excellent choice. The blue color appeals to the eyes and the intricacies of the design will definitely leave several people in awe of the jersey. The full sleeves of the jerseys make them the better option for branding and helps keep the child warm in the chilly weather.

If you need a color that every gender will welcome with ease, then red is the way to go. Though, you can custom design any jersey, short or uniform set to be red, the perfect example and choice here is CUSTOM SUBLIMATED MATCHING BASKETBALL UNIFORM SET DESIGN 1121. The unisex color appeals to the wearer and puts the big danger sign in front of the opposition.

For the hot weather, shorts are the friends of all players. Our CUSTOM SUBLIMATED BASKETBALL SHORT DESIGN 1104 make for an appropriate choice as this allows for the use of several colors in combination and makes for an appealing addition to the wardrobe for the game and otherwise.

The CUSTOM SUBLIMATED BASKETBALL WARM UP PANT DESIGN 1184 is unique, though the white color can be daunting considering the fact that the players will do several physical activities in it. But purity does take practice and you can choose the color of your choice.


Getting a sublimated jersey is a long term investment. It is definitely the best option available when it comes to printing. If you have the will to invest in the jerseys and want them to remain even after the team has disbanded, then choose this option because you will not find anything better.