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Sublimated Uniforms

Custom Sublimated Field Hockey Uniforms | Custom Made in Your Team Colors

Custom Sublimated Field Hockey Uniforms

Are you looking for a truly unique field hockey uniform design for your team or club? Take a look at our wide selection of custom sublimated field hockey uniforms that we can create for your team. All custom sublimated field hockey jerseys, shorts and skirts are custom made to order in any color combination including all decoration dyed directly into the fabric. We can provide matching sets of jerseys and shorts or skirts for the ultimate in dazzling team fashion. Our custom sublimated field hockey uniforms are made to the highest standard for quality and durability. Choose from a variety of 100% polyester fabrics which are durable, lightweight and breathable. Best of all we offer all of our sublimated field hockey apparel at team discounted pricing!

We carry two brands of sublimated field hockey uniforms. Athletic Knit (AK) and Dynamic Team Sports. Both brands are of equal quality and offer similar fabrics. The only difference is each brand offers different uniform designs and the pricing is different. We offer free ground shipping on all AK team apparel.

Give us a call toll-free at 888-202-3117 to order custom sublimated uniforms. Once you place your order we will send you a mock-up of your uniform design including all of your custom decoration options for lettering, numbers, logos, etc.

Minimum order quantity is 12 garments. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

The Advantage of Sublimated Uniforms

Dye sublimation is a process in which all uniform colors and design elements including logos, lettering, numbers, team names, sponsor logos, etc. are dyed directly into the fabric. This has the advantage of being permanent, and actually becomes part of the fabric as opposed to screen printing which will eventually wear and deteriorate. All of our custom sublimated garments are GUARANTEED to never fade, crack, peel or otherwise deteriorate under normal use.

Lightweight and Breathable
Sublimated uniforms are very lightweight and breathable. You don't have the added weight of sewn-on tackle twill decoration and you are not blocking the breathability of the fabric with sewn twill or screen printing ink. These are the most comfortable garments you can wear in hot weather.

Sublimated apparel is very economical compared to screen printed or sewn twill decorated jerseys. You can add as much decoration as you want on the uniforms and the price doesn't change. You can add multi-color numbers, lettering, logos, etc. and the price doesn't increase as you add more colors and decoration. You can also use any number style or lettering style and are not limited to choosing from only a few styles. Sublimated garments are always a flat price which includes any and all decoration except for player's last names. And there are never any art or set-up charges.

Unique Designs and Custom Colors
You can create unique designs with custom sublimated uniforms that are not possible with traditional cut-and-sew garments. Sublimated garments are not limited to traditional sewing limitations. In addition you can get any combination of colors that you want. If you have unique team colors that are not available as in-stock items we can make them with sublimated uniforms. All sublimated team uniforms start as a roll of white fabric. So think of it as a blank canvas... if you can think it, we can make it.

No Minimum Requirement for Reorders
Sublimated uniforms have the added advantage of not requiring a minimum quantity for reorders. If you only need one or two garments after your initial order you can get it without having to spend extra money on garments you don't need.

See What is Dye Sublimation? for a detailed explanation of the dye sublimation process.

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